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Lollipops & More Pacifier Clips

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Tired of constantly picking up your baby’s pacifier? Baby always in tears because pacifier is not near?
With our fun, colorful, soft and chewable pacifier clips, pacifiers will always be where they are needed the most!
With so many colors to choose from — shades of blue, rainbow multicolored, purple and pink tones – it’s now easier than ever to outfit your bundle of joy in a colorful and fashionable way. Pacifier clips are no longer a piece of string – it’s a fashion statement!
You can use Lollipops & More pacifier clips at any age and for as long as your baby needs or wants a pacifier. Made from food-grade silicone they are as fun to chew on, as they are helpful in keeping baby’s pacifier, where it belongs. In addition, the bright and playful colors, not only go well with any outfit, baby’s or yours, and also stimulate baby’s color recognition development, and movement coordination.