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Lollipops & More Necklaces

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Wonderful colorful teething necklaces
There comes a time when baby’s teeth start coming out that makes babies unhappy. Lollipops & More helps you and baby get thru those difficult periods of dental discomfort by helping ease the pain of growing teeth. Lollipops & More teething necklaces are soft and great to chew on, gently stimulating toddler’s gums, which helps ease the pain and makes baby and mom happy again!

And why not be happy in style?! Choose from a wide range of brightly colored Lollipops & More jewels and create a great addition to any outfit! The lilac Bubble Gum necklace for example gives a boost to light outfits. Or maybe you’ll find a bright match for your dress in the Candy Crush selection? How about the pink one that fits perfectly with a darker dress or a gray top?

Whichever one you choose, your baby will like your jewelry the moment she sees it, and especially the moment she puts it in her mouth. Lollipops & More make you a fashionable mom with a happy baby!

Breastfeeding necklaces for moms
Lollipops & More breastfeeding necklaces are the perfect combination for mom and baby!

Lollipops & More breastfeeding necklaces are a fashion accessory for you and a great sensory tool for your baby. Playing with the soft to touch necklaces, increases baby’s focus while he is breastfeeding.

All Lollipops & More necklaces are made of food-grade silicone and are completely safe for children. They contain 0% bisphenol A, no phthalates, no PVC, no cadmium, no lead. They meets all ASTM, CFR & EN child safety standards.