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Hi, my name is Alexandra!

I’m the person behind the Lollipops & More brand.

Several years ago, I created Éditions 9, a marketing company revolving around publishing of free family guides, one of which Quoi de 9? (loosely translated as What 9?) is about pregnant women and young parents. This was the first guide of this kind in Luxembourg and, naturally, I started getting many comments and questions from moms to be and young parents.

Once we started publishing the guide, my circle of fellow new mom friends quickly expanded. I met many new moms and I quickly noticed a common concern among many of them — they all wanted to look good and keep on wearing their jewelry, only that they were concerned it might be a health hazard for their babies. I had the same issue myself — I like wearing pretty necklaces and bracelets but my baby is always reaching for them and putting them in her mouth.

And that is how the idea to make baby-friendly jewelry was born.

Lollipops & More are incredible jewelry for moms and babies — colorful, playful, chewable.

Introducing Lollipops & More

Lollipops & More is a unique brand, built around an entirely new concept that offers fully original products.

Lollipops & More is incredible jewelry for moms and babies — colorful, playful, chewable

Lollipops & More products come in three categories:

  • Necklaces. Necklaces that moms love to wear and babies to chew on! Toddlers experience the world by putting it in their mouths: keys, bracelets, necklaces, jewelry, everything they can get their hands on. ‘Lollipops & More’ teething jewelry is made out of food-grade silicone, soft to touch and light to wear. Children can chew or nibble on them with ease. Colorful, fashionable and completely safe!
  • Bracelets. Lollipops & More bracelets are colorful and fun fashion accessories for moms that children can safely play with, chew on or nibble. The teething bracelets are made of food-grade silicone. They are light to wear, soft to the touch, and ideal for little baby gums.
  • Pacifier clips. Tired of constantly picking up your baby’s pacifier? Baby always in tears because pacifier is not near? With our fun, colorful and chewable pacifier clips, pacifiers will always be where they are needed the most!

All our products are easy to maintain and above all, made of top quality baby and environment safe materials. Lollipops & More products are sold exclusively online at lollipopsandmore.eu and in selected stores across several countries.

And if you are looking for original and exclusive products, that are modern, fun and colorful, and that make for a great present for moms and babies – then you will find that Lollipops & More products might just be what you need.

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A Unique and Innovative Brand

Lollipops & More is a unique brand, built around an entirely new concept that offers fully original products.

When I first created the Lollipops & More brand, and in particular the chewable jewelry, my intent was to develop a product that did not exist and that solved a real life problem. And indeed, the fashionable, colorful, playful and chewable jewelry has proven to be a great product and is now sold all over Europe, North America and Asia.

Lollipops & More products have received much praise, have been awarded numerous of awards, have received outstanding reviews and above all, people and kids seem to love how unique, convenient and fun they are. Our products and our innovative concepts have been featured on Vogue, ELLE, Famili, Babywereld, Parents, Bébé Nature,Parole de Mamans and many more.


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